Jonathan Novak

Dr. Fausto, by Jean-Paul Laurens


I am an associate professor of mathematics at UC San Diego, where my activities include research and teaching. I also serve on the editorial board of the open access journal Algebraic Combinatorics.


These days I am thinking about the high-dimensional behavior of Fourier transforms of random matrices, hypergeometric functions of matrix argument, and 2D Yang-Mills partition functions. My research program centers on developing new methods for the high-dimensional approximation of these and other multivariate special functions, often by leveraging ideas from Hurwitz theory. If you are a UCSD graduate student whose interest is piqued by any of this, feel free to get in touch.


Associate Professor at UCSD
(2019 – present)

Assistant Professor at UCSD
(2015 – 2019)

Instructor at MIT
(2011 – 2015, mentored by Richard Stanley)

Postdoc at MSRI
(Fall 2010, mentored by Amir Dembo)

Postdoc at Waterloo
(2010 – 2011, supervised by Ian Goulden)

PhD Student at Queen’s
(2006 – 2010, supervised by Roland Speicher)